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Do you long for a trip that involves more than just sight-seeing? Your ticket to impactful discovery is volunteerism in Africa. Africa, a region brimming with unique cultures and stunning scenery, invites curious individuals eager to change the world. By providing you with a selection of exceptional organisations and programs that provide volunteer opportunities in Africa, we serve as your compass to a world of good in this guide. There are several ways to travel through Africa while leaving a significant footprint, from African Impact’s wildlife conservation efforts to Projects Abroad’s educational programs to IVHQ’s community support projects. Come along on a journey when making a difference is more important than simply seeing new places.

Discovering Volunteer Travel in Africa:

Traveling as a volunteer in Africa offers a unique chance to experience the region while actively taking part in crucial community and conservation initiatives. The following businesses and initiatives support this enjoyable experience:

1. African ImpactProjects:

  • In numerous African nations, African Impact provides a broad range of volunteer programs, including efforts to conserve wildlife, develop local communities, and improve healthcare services. They offer opportunities to work with orphaned children, teach English, and assist in wildlife conservation efforts, allowing volunteers to make a meaningful impact on the communities they visit. Additionally, African Impact ensures that volunteers are provided with comprehensive support and guidance throughout their journey, ensuring a safe and rewarding experience.

(website: africanimpact.com)


2. Projects Abroad 

  • Projects: With a presence across the globe, Projects Abroad offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in Africa, including teaching and childcare projects as well as medical and wildlife conservation initiatives. They prioritize sustainable development and work closely with local communities to ensure that their projects have a long-lasting positive impact. Projects Abroad also provides extensive pre-departure training and in-country support, allowing volunteers to make the most of their experience while contributing to meaningful change.

(website: projects-abroad.org)


3. IVHQ 

  • Projects: In coordination with regional communities, IVHQ matches volunteers with initiatives focused on women’s empowerment, animal conservation, and teaching across Africa. They believe in the power of education and aim to improve access to quality education for children in disadvantaged communities. IVHQ also emphasizes cultural immersion and provides volunteers with opportunities to engage with local traditions and customs, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the communities they work in.

(website: ivhq.com)


4. GVI 

  • Projects: GVI focuses on community development projects in numerous African countries as well as marine and animal conservation projects in various locations around the world. GVI’s community development projects aim to empower local communities by providing them with resources and support to improve their infrastructure, healthcare, and education systems. Additionally, GVI’s marine and animal conservation projects work towards preserving fragile ecosystems and protecting endangered species through research, rehabilitation, and awareness campaigns.

(Website: gvi.co.uk)


5. GoEco 

  • Projects: GoEco offers volunteer programs that focus on wildlife conservation, community development, and environmental sustainability in African destinations such as South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. Volunteers can participate in initiatives such as wildlife monitoring, habitat restoration, and teaching English to local communities. GoEco also partners with local organizations to support sustainable agriculture practices and empower marginalized groups through skills training and income-generating projects.

(website: goeco.org)


6. Cross-Cultural Solutions 

  • Projects: This organization provides volunteer opportunities in African countries with an emphasis on education, healthcare, and community engagement. In addition to these focus areas, Cross-Cultural Solutions also offers programs that address poverty alleviation, women’s empowerment, and environmental conservation. They work closely with local communities to identify their needs and develop sustainable solutions that create lasting impact.

(Website: crossculturalsolutions.org)


7. Volunteer Travels

  • Projects: Volunteer Travels offers diverse volunteer projects in Africa, covering areas such as wildlife conservation, healthcare, and education. They collaborate with local organizations and communities to ensure that their projects are culturally sensitive and beneficial to the local population. Volunteers have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference while immersing themselves in the rich African culture and gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by these communities.

(website: volunteertravels.com)


These organizations represent just a small portion of the amazing volunteer travel opportunities in Africa. There is a volunteer program in Africa that matches your interests and principles, whether you want to save endangered species, aid local communities, or advance sustainable development. Explore the world of volunteer travel, and let the friendliness, diversity, and beauty of Africa leave a lasting impression on your soul.

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